“Good things come to you” – out 24.07

Now available for pre-order, this new EP was written and recorded early 2021 via various 4-track recorders, tapes exchanged in the post between myself and a few excellent songwriters.

Friend and esteemed songwriter Andrew Howie once told me about this project he did with a friend, where he recorded the first 2 tracks or ‘parts’ of a song on a 4-track recorder (like the guitar chords and the vocal, or the keys and the drums etc) and then popped the tape in the post to a friend to record the remaining 2 tracks/’parts’ on his 4-track recorder and complete the songs.

I’ve been meaning to steal that idea for a while, and although Andrew is currently without a 4-track and had to sit this one out, I was able to assemble a winning cast of interesting types, and send them all a half-song in this way to finish.

It was an opportunity to remind myself for the millionth time that others’ input makes your musical ideas so much better. All songs came from ideas I considered ‘throwaway’ or ‘just ok’, and they all ended up brilliant pieces of music.

The EP features collaborations with Lovers Turn To MonstersMadame Engadine’s Party, thoughtfox (Constant Follower guitarist Kurd) and Youth Group.

The EP title comes from graffiti I spotted on an electricity box on Glasgow Green. I liked how the statement came with no qualifiers. Not “to those who wait”. No necessary involvement of Jesus or whoever. It was some good news that we’re all overdue. And was just like when receiving one of the finished songs in the post, or coming up with parts in the first place.

I mixed it on my Tascam 424mkIII before sending the files over to Mark Lough (Madame Engadine’s Party) to master using some nice analogue gear. The whole thing sounds hissy and warbly and pop/clicky as fuck. Cam aaaannnn.