‘seven day journal’ zine – out now

Back in November, I started a 7 day project, taking a photo and writing a short poem every day.

I’d just acquired a new wee thermal printer and was by this point printing everything I could, reasonable or unreasonable – phone photos, camera ones, shopping lists, meal lists, small notes to leave around the flat, printed answers to verbal questions on the couch.

In a bid to escape the anaemic monotony of recycled pandemic-life I thought I’d have a crack at getting back into writing poetry, if you could ever call it that. The result is this zine.

Hand printed pages, thermal photo prints and short poems, one of each for each day of that week in November. A project that let me go off on a wee adventure in my head, into my surroundings, and through the land of limitless TV and neighbour-spotting that was/is my flat.

Out now and available to buy from Bandcamp. Each copy comes with a sticker and a badge.

All profits (£5+ depending on how much you pay for it) goes to Sense Scotland to help them continue their most excellent work supporting young people with deafblindness.

Go for it big fella, click the goddamn link!