Self-titled album out now

Out now on CD / tape / download

– Quitter s/t.

Quitter s:t album art

A mixture of 4-track cassette recordings with simple live-take digital recording, partly done in flat living rooms, halls and cupboards, partly in a friend’s attic. Continuing to experiment with song-structure and messing with/merging songs using collage and soundscape sections, the whole thing was then given a bit of light grooming in the mix and master process with Stevie Cossar (Scottish Power, Sumshapes, Howie Reeve, Gift Horse).

The ultimate aim throughout was to present the songs in a way that sounded as if you were there present in the room as they were being created, that they sounded real, unpolished and intimate (for want of a less creepy word).

See what y’think.

For fans of: 90s US indie/emo/noise rock, American Football, Joan Of Arc, Sonic Youth, Slint, David Pajo, Conor Oberst, Songs: Ohia, Elliot Smith.



Recorded by Kenny Bates / Kieran Hughes.
Mixed and mastered by Stevie Cossar.
Bass on 3, 8, 9 by Kieran Hughes.
Drums on 3, 8, 9 by Craig Ferrie.
Clarinet on 8 by Peter Russell.