New song ‘Open Sesame’ on forthcoming Negative Hope Records sampler

With recording sessions in March/April for my third album given the covid treatment, I’ve slowly been building some of the solo songs from home. Fast-tracked through the process for a sampler that’s been on the cards since the start of the year is a song called ‘Open Sesame’. A sort of fumble through the dark of a few thoughts around (i) an undying love for imperfection; (ii) life throwing up red-herrings; (iii) time progressing through different chapters.
It features Stevie Cossar on bass, and my drum machine playing samples of Luc Grindle’s drumming.

Out Sept 4th on Negative Hope Records and available to pre-order now.
Alongside 9 great tracks from varying sub-genres loosely within alternative/indie/singer-songwriter.

Death Collective P.A. Party

Having acquired approx 70-80% of a fully fledged PA system, we’re holding a wee fundraiser gig at the awesome Mediterranea on Fri 5 April for cash to get monitors, cabling, mics n things.

Would be awesome to have the freedom to put on more touring bands and set up more gig exchanges knowing P.A. costs are minimal, and creating more sweet memorable times in Stirling. If this idea excites you, donate or attend.

‘Sometimes When The Wind Blows In My Hometown’ zine – out 13.12.18

My new zine is out 13th Dec, with a wee launch party at The Settle Inn, Stirling. Check it out below:

All sheets individually double-side printed by hand then cut and assembled, so it took fucking years off me. Plz sell out this run and watch me weep with appreciation/fear of having to do it all again.

‘Sometimes When The Wind Blows In My Hometown’.
Poems and photographs shot on 35mm toy cameras, 2017-2018.
Hand made on cartridge/project/tracing papers.

Limited numbered run of 25.
Available from:

Next up: Alexander Tucker / Irma Vep

a tucker

Hullo pals.

PCL Presents
Alexander Tucker
Broadcast, Glasgow
Wed 29th August 


Event page.

“There is a distinct otherworldliness to Alexander Tucker’s art. Psychedelic without ever resorting to tropes of the genre, it’s the subtle thread connecting every aspect of his output, from the vibrant and hypnotic avant-pop of Grumbling Fur, his duo with Daniel O’Sullivan, to extended drone collaborations with Charlemagne Palestine and Stephen O’Malley, to his beautiful yet strangely unnerving paintings and comics.”

Drop me a line if you want a discounted ticket.

Come along so you can check out Irma Vep’s new hings.

Self-titled album out now

Out now on CD / tape / download

– Quitter s/t.

Quitter s:t album art

A mixture of 4-track cassette recordings with simple live-take digital recording, partly done in flat living rooms, halls and cupboards, partly in a friend’s attic. Continuing to experiment with song-structure and messing with/merging songs using collage and soundscape sections, the whole thing was then given a bit of light grooming in the mix and master process with Stevie Cossar (Scottish Power, Sumshapes, Howie Reeve, Gift Horse).

The ultimate aim throughout was to present the songs in a way that sounded as if you were there present in the room as they were being created, that they sounded real, unpolished and intimate (for want of a less creepy word).

See what y’think.

For fans of: 90s US indie/emo/noise rock, American Football, Joan Of Arc, Sonic Youth, Slint, David Pajo, Conor Oberst, Songs: Ohia, Elliot Smith.



Recorded by Kenny Bates / Kieran Hughes.
Mixed and mastered by Stevie Cossar.
Bass on 3, 8, 9 by Kieran Hughes.
Drums on 3, 8, 9 by Craig Ferrie.
Clarinet on 8 by Peter Russell.